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2024 Events:

January 9, 2024

LPFD Chief Joe Testa:  Chief Testa gave a cheery and fast moving talk on operations of LPFD.  At the same time, it was a very honest and informative talk about LPFD including how changing regional situations affect  the call volume, the types of calls, and response times.  As he spoke one could feel his deep dedication and care for the LPFD and the residents he serves.


February 13, 2024

LLRA  Member, Mark Bowers:  Mark stepped in when our scheduled speaker was unable to come out.  Mark spoke to the retirees about his personal experiences with living organ donor donations.   Mark donated a kidney in 2023 and will be donating a portion of his liver this year.   Remarkably, Mark found great differences, and challenges, in the donation approval process for different organs.
Mark's talk was very informative, well received, and greatly appreciated.


March 12, 2024

Kim Budil, the Laboratory's 13th director and first woman to lead the organization, spoke to a very full luncheon crowd about her experiences since becoming director in March 2021.  She said the organization has had to deal with a number of remarkable if not unprecedented HR and infrastructural challenges since then.  At a time of intense hiring, the pandemic forced many workers to stay home, so turnover rates rose as worker loyalty -- a traditional Lab strength -- declined.  Heavy workload from warhead life extension programs put heavy strains on facilities and led to backed up construction schedules.  Finding space for the many hundreds of new staff who had to be hired became increasingly difficult.  Nevertheless she said hard working managers made progress against these challenges and the Laboratory is well positioned going forward to provide the technology that DOE and NNSA demand.  


April 9, 2024

Our speakers were Mark and Sharon Bowers, Liz Johnston from Early Alerts Canines, and Pat Wheeler.   They took turns describing the surprising capabilities of their dogs- some as the result of training and some innate capabilities their dogs displayed on their own.   

The talk was very engaging and well received.


May 14,  2024

Joe Wong gave a very entertaining and talk  about his trips to Antarctica and Patagonia.  

His photo journal of the trips was captivating and his observations of the history and locales visited were very informative.


June 11,  2024

Dr B Jayathilake  gave a very interesting talk on the technologies being used to optimize a process for using excess electricity to produce methane  

The methane would then be used to produce electricity at a time when demand exceeds production.

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