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2023 Events:

Jan 10, 2023

Greg Gleeson:  Greg gave a captivating talk that included the history of the Chuuk Lagoon and its importance to the Japanese navy during WWII.  He also clearly detailed the buildup and successful execution of Operation Hailstone, the attack by US Pacific forces on Chuuk Lagoon.  Greg then went on to share a photo journal of his many dives among the wrecks at the lagoon.



Feb 14, 2023

Luncheon event cancelled.

March 14, 2023

Mike Carter:  Mike gave a very informative talk on the work done by the Asange Foundation in Africa and his part in the organization.  As well, Mike shared  fascinating photography capturing the wild and rugged environment of East Africa.


April 11, 2023

Bill Olmo:   In spite of difficulties with the projector system, Bill gave a humorous yet informative discussion of the concept of time over the ages and by different cultures and the many different tools that have been used to measure it .


May 9, 2023

Doug Larson:   Doug gave a great rendition of the history of NIF program.   He talked about the evolution of the science, the problems encountered, and the people who made it all happen.  All neatly blended together for a captivating talk!

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