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2020 Events:

Jan 14, 2020

Hugh Gregg:  Working at the OPCW and Living in the Neatherlands

Hugh gave a captivating talk describing the Organization on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and how the organization came to be on top of the news in 2013.  He also talked about their experiences living in the Neatherlands.

H Gregg.jpg

March 10, 2020

Andy McIlroy  :  Research and Programs at Sandia and the Livermore Site.

Andy gave us a in-depth view of operations and research at Sandia, including weapons, homeland security, and energy programs.  Andy's thorough, yet lively,  discussion also included joint efforts between LLNL and Sandia.


​Starting April, LLRA luncheons were cancelled in order to adhere to Alameda County guidelines for Social Distancing.

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