Settlement updates now made available via email.

Please be aware that most updates to settlement issues are now being made via emails to current LLRA members.  The emails are labeled "Retiree Updates #xx".  If you have not been receiving these, please, fill out a membership form and you will automatically be put on the mailing list.


Update - Settlement Payments to Eligible Retirees.

The following update comes from Jeff Garberson- CUCRA Representative for LLRA:​

We are pleased to report that the next step in the lawsuit settlement agreement has taken place.  UC has transferred $19 million to Archer, the settlement administrator.  Of this, $15 million will cover the cost of payments to be made to eligible members of the retiree class, and $4 million will support benefits counselors to help retirees choose and use health insurance.  Archer expects to start sending out $1,000 payments in the next 30-60 days.

Please be sure to submit your Class Member Data Form if you have not already done so.  This is the form that Archer sent in January to class members to verify eligibility and mailing addresses for the initial $1,000 payment.  Note that all members of the class, living and deceased, are entitled to the $1,000 payment, so it is essential for representatives of deceased members to send in the form as well as for living members to do so.

In some cases, one spouse has returned the Class Member Data Form to Archer but not the other spouse.  Both spouses should submit the forms.

If you aren't sure whether you or your spouse have submitted a Class Member Data Form, or if you did not receive a form or have misplaced it, phone Archer toll-free at 1-800-978-8522 or send an email to 

Please forward this message to any former colleagues who might be in the class but aren't part of the Retirees Association and don't get our emails.  It's important that they be aware of the mailing.

A similar message has been published on the website of the UC Livermore Retiree Group,

Update - Final Court Approval on UC Settlement.

The following update comes from Jeff Garberson- CUCRA Representative for LLRA:​


Fellow retirees:  The Superior Court judge who has been overseeing the health care lawsuit has given final approval to the settlement reached late last year between UC/LLNL retirees and the UC Regents.  Court approval was necessary before the settlement program could be carried out.  Below for your information are a press release issued by the retirees (UCLRG) and their backgrounder on the issues and the case.  


We hope you will feel free to pass this information on to other retirees whether or not they are part of the Retirees Association. 

Please recall that the class of LLNL retirees who can benefit from the settlement is carefully defined.  To qualify, a retiree must have retired prior to Oct. 1, 2007 and must have been eligible for UC-sponsored group health coverage.  An eligible retiree's spouse and dependents can also benefit, even if the retiree is deceased.  A full description of eligibility was given in the January communication from Archer, the settlement administrator. 


Press Release by UCLRG:  Court Approval of UC Settlement  

Backgrounder by UCLRG:  Background Information

Expect Delays in Fulfillment of UC Settlement Agreements.

California courts have been on a mandated holiday because of the coronavirus pandemic, with no filings and all deadlines postponed (currently) until April 6.  It is very likely that there will be further delays, which may slow the fulfillment of the settlement agreement, but at this point we can’t be sure and can only promise to let you know when we learn anything.


Without our normal monthly luncheon meetings, we will use this website to keep you informed as best we can.


***Contact Information for Assistance with Packets***

Fellow retirees:    We have been receiving questions from our retirees since the Class Member Data packets were mailed.  We can't always answer your questions so we want to connect you with those who can.   We have listed below the number for the help line and a link to the website for Archer, the UC Settlement Administrator.

Help line:  1-800-978-8522



We suggest you reach out to Archer first- via the helpline or email, and that you visit the website regularly to stay informed.

We have been asked a number of times about signing the packet documents and about receiving multiple packets.   Attorney Tom Sinclair provided the following responses-

The answer is No.  You only need to sign if you are submitting a form for a deceased class member.

There was a mistake in the cover memo which indicates the recipient is supposed to sign but the only signature is for deceased class members. 

Many people will receive 2 packets, one for himself/herself, the other for a deceased spouse.  In these cases, it is important that the person return both forms, regardless of whether there is overlap in the information requested.

Important Update About Mailing from  UC Settlement Administrator

The following update comes from Jeff Garberson- CUCRA Representative for LLRA:​

Fellow retirees:  As a follow-up to the briefing we heard last week on the lawsuit settlement, you should know that members of the settlement class can expect to receive a packet containing the formal settlement notice this week or next.  It was mailed from Houston by Archer Systems, the court-appointed administrator.  Expect it to be long and detailed.  You should read and answer the questions in the Class Member Data Form carefully and return the Form as soon as possible.  This will ensure that Archer has correct and complete information for contacting you and for estimating your future benefits.


Looking ahead, we at the Retirees Association will do all that we can to answer questions and help connect you with people who can provide useful information about the settlement and its benefits.  Archer is setting up a toll-free number and a website which will assist those with questions.   In time, benefits counselors will be available, as provided under the terms of the settlement.  For now, however, look for the mailing and follow its instructions fully and carefully.

Let me ask that you forward this message to any former colleagues who might be in the class but aren't part of the Retirees Association and don't get our emails.  It's important that they pay attention to the mailing and respond carefully and promptly.

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Settlement Agreement Reached by UC Livermore Retiree Group (UCLRG) and UC Regents 

The following was extracted from the December 12, 2019 public release by UCLRG Defense Fund:​

Livermore, California – December 12, 2019 – After ten years of hard fought litigation and two victories at the California Court of Appeal, University of California retirees who worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have reached an $84.5 million settlement with The Regents of the University of California over the termination of their University-sponsored health care benefits.


Further details are provided in the following links:

Article on The Independent, and recent editorial.


Public release statement by UCLRG 


Q&A about the lawsuit and settlement

Finally, the San Francisco Chronicle story, “UC settle with retirees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The ad hoc UC Livermore Retiree Group, who brought the suit, is distinct from Livermore Laboratory Retirees Association (LLRA), although many members are part of both.  The LLRA website is simply informing its membership of the unfolding news.