LLRA stopped holding monthly luncheons due to the ongoing COVID situation and Alameda County guidelines.   We are looking forward to restarting luncheons in 2023 as the situation improves.  Please follow the "Luncheon Details" link below for more information

Luncheon plans are tentative-  Please see link below for more information

Upcoming LLRA Luncheon Speaker*
Greg Gleeson-  Diving about sunken ships in Chuuk Lagoon on the Truk Atoll

Cattlemens Restaurant                        Tentative                                    Cost

2882 Kitty Hawk Rd                              Second Tuesday                   $  35/person

Livermore, CA 94551,                           of the month

                                                                       11:30 AM

We are pleased to announce that we have two speakers ready to present when we resume luncheons at Cattlemen’s in Livermore.   Our first speaker is Greg Gleason, who will talk about diving in Chuuk Lagoon on the Truk Atoll, part of today's Micronesia, where sunken ships mark the location of a major U.S. attack on Japanese naval forces in 1944.  Greg has spoken to us in the past on underwater rescue.  



About LLRA

The Livermore Lab Retirees Association (LLRA) is an organization for retired employees and spouses of retirees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  LLRA is open to retirees from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, whether they are members of CalPERS, UCRS or the private retirement system of the LLC. 

We generally have monthly luncheon meetings January through May and July through November.   Due to COVID 19 local restrictions, luncheons were halted in April 2020.  A restart of the luncheons will be announced on these site pages. 


LLRA is a member of the The Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA), a consortium of the Retiree Associations of nine University of California campuses: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz; the three UC-managed National Laboratories: Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, and Los Alamos; and the Office of the President/Regents.

Livermore Laboratory Retiree Association

P.O. Box 2170, Livermore, CA 94551

info@livermorelabretirees.org | Tel: 925-443-9092


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If you have any questions or problems with your LLNL retiree health benefits, first contact Empyrean (non-Medicare) or Via Benefits (Medicare). If Empyrean or Via Benefits cannot help you, you may contact the LLNL Benefits Office at 925-422-9955.


Empyrean – 844-750-5567

Via Benefits – 866-682-4841

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2023 Retiree Open Enrollment Guide (pdf format) 


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