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Information and Resources for Families of Deceased LLNL Retirees


The information below was collected from various websites published by the University of California, LLNL, and CalPers.  We can not assess if the information if fully up-to-date or complete.  We did reach out to LLNL and UCRS to verify that what we have is their most current publications.

We realize that through the years the agencies that provide retiree benefits have changed and the information below does not apply to all retirees.  Families of deceased retirees must first determine the relevant benefit providers before using the information below.



LLNL Benefits Office at 925-422-9955

General information for survivors can be found on the LLNL Benefits website, at  Health and Welfare Benefit Plan for Retirees  , Appendix B


LLNS Pension Center:     866-655-9587         


The LLNS Pension Center requires proof of death and proof of marriage or registered domestic partnership when the survivor calls to report the passing of their loved one before survivor payments can be received. 

They will send out a letter to the survivor. The Survivor must return a tax withhold form and direct deposit form back to the LLNS Pension Center with 30 days of receiving their letter.  If these documents are not received within 30 days, the LLNS Pension Center will apply the tax withholding and mail the check to the address on the letter initially sent.


Other Benefits Contact information:

        Empyrean –    844-750-5567


        Via Benefits –  866-682-4841

        Fidelity:            800-835-5095



University of California.

The University of California has updated their website with very helpful information in support of survivors.  The RASC website can be found at-

Dedicated phone line for survivors:    1-888-825-6833 


Other contacts

           Social Security Admin:    800-772-1213

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