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Important Updates:  Election of LLRA Board Members and Volunteers Needed

Our next election for 2018 LLRA officers will be held in December. Electronic ballots and voting via internet will be used. Members who do not have internet connections will be provided paper ballots.

Volunteer(s) are needed to run for the office of Treasurer as both of our current Co-Treasurers are retiring. This position may be filled by either one or two people. Duties include maintaining the LLRA checking account via a simple Excel spreadsheet; receiving payments in cash or checks for LLRA annual memberships, for monthly luncheons and for the annual picnic; depositing collected money in the LLRA checking account; writing LLRA checks to pay for our monthly luncheon and annual picnic expenses; reimbursing Board Members for miscellaneous LLRA expenses; attending Board meetings which are held two or three times per year; and providing reports as needed to the Board.

The current Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary have indicated that they intend to again volunteer to be candidates for those offices. Anyone else interested in volunteering to be a candidate for any of these offices must contact Julio Diaz at or 925-443-9092,  by November 17 to have your name included on the ballot.


Abel Garcia
LLRA Chair

​​​​Don't forget to click the Register Now link below.  You may only use an e-mail address one time to register yourself and up to five guests.  You may register additional guests by using a different e-mail address.​

Lunch cost is $24.

LLRA Luncheon Policies

LLRA pays the caterer for the number of reservations made, not the number of attendees. 
Reservations close at 5 PM on the Friday before the luncheon.
Cancellations before the Friday deadline may be emailed to
Cancellations on the deadline day should be phoned to Julio Diaz at (925) 443-9092. 
Cancellations after the Friday deadline: Members will be billed for missed reservations.
Reservations that are not cancelled before the cutoff deadline will be billed to the retiree by mail or on their next attendance.

Livermore Lab Retirees Association

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LL Retirees Lunch at the Elks Lodge​

​​When:  Tuesday, November 14, 2017 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Where:  Elks Lodge, 940 Larkspur Drive, Livermore, CA 94551

Sandia National Laboratory’s Biomass Program

The presentation for our November 14th luncheon will cover the advancing technology of biofuels, their challenges, and the potential solutions being explored by Sandia National Labs. Biomass offers an intriguing domestic resource to produce renewable fuels, chemicals, and materials. This use of Biomass could enable a national bioeconomy and generate domestic jobs. Second generation ethanol plants using lignocellulosics (e.g. – wood and corn stalks) are coming on-line, but technical challenges still exist. Fuels and chemicals from algae are still years from commercialization, but they offer fascinating benefits with their exponential growth. Our speaker is Dr. Ben Wu. Dr. Wu leads the Sandia’s Biomass Program where his team focuses on developing technologies for the next generation of biofuels produced from lignocellulosic biomass and algae.

Ben has 25 years of technology development and commercialization experience in renewable energy, petrochemical processing, and waste-to-energy conversion at Sandia, Dow Chemical, and two start-up companies. He has taken innovations from conception through pilot plants in supercritical fluids, fuel reforming, pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion. His PhD work at the University of Delaware focused on the liquefaction of biomass in supercritical water. He began his career as a process engineer at Dow Chemical.